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Rogers Honors Academy - Academics

RHA - Academics

All RHA Scholars are required to take two to three (2-3) Advanced Placement (AP) or concurrent classes by their sophomore year, though depending on their grade level. Here are some resources that can help you determine those classes. Click here for the link to our district high school Course Catalog with descriptions of all courses.  

Below is a list of nearly all of the Advanced Placement courses offered in the Rogers Public School District:


Click here for more information about AP Capstone  

We also believe in the importance of rigorous coursework through concurrent college credit classes. Below is a list of the most recent concurrent classes offered in the Rogers Public School District:


Some students and parents may be confused as to the difference between Advanced Placement (AP) and Concurrent college credit courses. Below is an easy chart to help navigate what option is best for you. It truly does matter to demonstrate a rigorous high school schedule to stand out and rise above other college-bound applicants. Depending on where the RHA Scholar plans to attend college will greatly determine which coursework is recommended. Thankfully, our RHA college advisors are here to help navigate that path with each student. 


Effective Fall 2018, the Arkansas Dept. of Higher Education Coordinating Board established a set of guidelines by which institutions must award course credit for Advanced Placement (AP) exams at colleges and universities in Arkansas. Click here to vist the course credit given by AP exam in Arkansas.